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Depending on its job purpose and application, there are many different configurations and options that can be installed on a wheel loader to help in machine function and longevity.

One such option that is often overlooked is Axle Oil Cooling. Maintaining the correct oil temperature in all machinery applications is critical. Overheated oil can breakdown prematurely and will result in premature wear and failure in seals, bearings and friction materials in braking applications.

A recent job in our shop saw a John Deere 644K wheel loader come in for a “burnt” smell coming from the axles. The machine was used on a heavy rotation for snow removal this past winter and had multiple operators sharing its use. Moving and loading large amounts of snow in a hurried manner can put heat stress on the drive train of a wheel loader.

Pollard’s shop technicians identified the problem and suggested adding the axle oil cooling option. After a quick retrofit the customer was back up and running and happy with peace of mind knowing his axle overheating problems were a thing of the past.